SEO Strategies That Google Will Reward You For

Are you familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? SEO is the process of increasing the traffic of your site through organic search results. There are common mistakes users make when they apply SEO practices to their website. Google will reward you for using certain techniques. To learn the best SEO strategies for Google, look at some of the tips below!  

SEO Strategies Google Rewards You For 

Make Every Page Count  

Every page that your website has needs content. A picture is not going to cut it. Don’t just fill your web pages with excessive amounts of text. You need to write smart and have each page rich in SEO keywords. Google will favor a page that has quality writing over a page with large quantities of writing.  

Your Content Shouldn’t Be All About Sales  

It’s logical to create website copy that mentions your services as much as possible. However, a solid SEO strategy for developing content is to place a variety of content on your web pages. For example, if you are a business that sells sweaters, don’t just talk about the sweaters on your website. You are going to want to mention the company’s story, location, what makes them unique, shopping options, etc. Give Google all the useful information relevant to your industry, and it will pay off!  

Use Headlines and Subheads in Your Copy  

Readability is something that greatly influences your SEO. Breaking up the sections of your writing with headings and subheadings makes it easier to digest for the reader and Google. To increase the rankings of your keywords, place them in the headings. Another plus to writing with headings is it helps Google scan your content. Thus, providing Google with the most accurate information possible for your organic traffic.  

Meta Description Tags & Alt Tags  

One of the most basic SEO strategies is to have a proper meta description and use alt tags on your photos. Remember, Google pulls a large amount of information for SEO from your meta description. Make sure that you have your keywords present in the meta description or it’s a lost cause. Adding your main keyword to the alt text of your images will also increase your organic SEO traffic to the page.  

Don’t Mess with Google  

If you’re trying to pull a fast one on Google, think again. Google can tell when you’re trying to cheat the system. Here’s a list of things that Google frowns upon duplicate content, keyword stuffing, cloaking/invisible text, paid links and excess ads above the fold. Nice try though.  

Paid Promotion on Social Media  

Social media is a great tool to use to increase the traffic to your site. Most social media platforms have a promotional ad option for driving traffic to your site. If you target your audience correctly with original and relevant copy, the ad is bound to perform well. Increasing the traffic to your site via social media will help your ranking on Google as a whole.  

Final Thoughts on SEO Strategies 

In short, taking the time to craft quality content for your website or blogs is worth it. If you cut corners with your SEO, Google will not reward you. Now that you have some proficient SEO strategies, you’re ready to take on your web copy.  

The EMPIST Effect   

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