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A seamless transition with no gaps in IT coverage

The EMPIST onboarding process takes 4 – 6 weeks from the kick-off call to the full onboarding of services at the client site. We follow a very specific project plan that contains 60+ tasks and is tailored to each client's needs and environment.

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Getting Started

After the call, we start collecting the necessary documentation from the client-side (e.g. network Visios, administrative passwords, customer escalation procedure, authorized user lists, and vendor escalation forms amongst other information.) EMPIST’s team of engineers handles most of the technical tasks and addresses any issues that may arise.


Within 3 – 4 weeks of the kick-off call, EMPIST conducts training for the entire staff at the client site outlining the methods by which users can open tickets. Services and billing generally commence on the date of this staff training, although it may occur sooner for certain services that are initiated at the request of the client.


While all staff will not be able to open tickets directly until the time of the training, designated client contacts (determined during the kick-off call) may submit tickets throughout the onboarding process directly to the project manager. This helps to eliminate any gaps in coverage.


EMPIST Onboarding Timeline

  1. Week 1

    It all begins with the kick-off call, then the necessary information is shared with EMPIST via a secure Dropbox link. At this time, if applicable, the client will provide a 30-day notice to their current provider so the transition process can begin.

  2. Week 2

    EMPIST Remote Agents are deployed across all devices on the client’s network.

  3. Weeks 3-4

    EMPIST conducts training(s) for all client staff members. This training includes an introduction to EMPIST, the services we provide and, most importantly, a detailed explanation of how to open tickets.

  4. Weeks 4-5

    EMPIST will perform an onsite audit of your network and equipment.

  5. Weeks 5-6

    The process is wrapped up by completing documentation using the information gathered during onboarding.

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