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To be filled out by HR or Hiring Manager – please complete this 2 weeks prior to new hire start date

Hardware & Software

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*Office 365 Standard Applications include locally installed Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Project, Onedrive.

*All Full-time HQ employees with automatically be added to Corporate-HQ@omi-industries & [email protected].
*All Full-time Rising Sun employees will automatically be added to [email protected] & [email protected]


*By default, Full-time Rising Sun employees will get access to \\dellserver\shared.
*By default all Full-time HQ employees will have access to the Finance Printer(, the Business Operations Printer (, and the Marketing Color Printer( *Rising Sun Printers are group specific, if Rising Sun employee, please specify printers needed below.

The requested timeframe for deployment of this machine must be approved by EMPIST prior to beginning work on it. If it’s determined that more time is required for proper deployment, we will contact you and confirm an accepted timeframe. If the appropriate amount of lead time can’t be provided, we can’t guarantee that all necessary tasks will be satisfactorily completed prior to deployment. In most instances, the machine must be setup onsite and on the company network sometime during the days prior to deployment. This is so setup can be continued either by an onsite engineer or remotely from our office. In many cases where a machine is being replaced, we will need to migrate user data between machines. This will require the user to be away from both machines for approximately 30-60 minutes. This is typically one of the last tasks performed. In addition to steps taken for all users already documented in the EMPIST knowledge base, the information provided on these forms constitutes the scope of work being performed by EMPIST. Actions requested during deployment/dispatch that are not outlined/approved on this form may require additional dispatch or other work at a later date. Your Team Lead will make this determination. By checking the box directly below indicates your understanding of and agreement to the above terms.

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