National Entrepreneur Day: 5 Successful Tech Entrepreneur Stories

Today is National Entrepreneur Day! To celebrate all the incredible things entrepreneurs have done for us; we are highlighting some of our favorite tech entrepreneur stories to date. Let’s get started.  

Entrepreneur Stories – Jeff Bezos  

Jeff Bezos, the man behind the Amazon empire. Bezos’ entrepreneur story took off in the 1990’s when his company Amazon began selling books online. His fame only grew as he was named Time Person of the Year in 1999. In just a few short decades, Amazon has become one of the biggest online shopping hubs around. From their new storefronts to the future of drone delivery, there is still so much to look forward to from this unstoppable company.  

Entrepreneur Stories – Jack Dorsey  

When you think of young entrepreneurs, Jack Dorsey is one of those people that comes up. This co-founder of Twitter was one of the first people to change the way we interact online. Dorsey’s latest endeavor is a startup known as Square. The funding has already reached $341 million for this new business venture. Square is said to be a project that will make payment processes easier.  

Entrepreneur Stories – Drew Houston  

Our next entrepreneur story is none other than Drew Houston. This tech wiz is CEO of Dropbox and a major supporter of Houston raised $257 million to launch Dropbox and took the ground running. By the year 2013, Dropbox had reached 175 million users. So, what’s next for Dropbox? The company is planning to focus on cloud computing practices in the years to come.   

 Entrepreneur Stories – Edith Harbaugh  

The best ideas come from our own experiences. That theory reigns true with entrepreneur Edith Harbough. Harbough saw an opportunity to improve the world of software development and took action. Her company, LaunchDarkly, was designed to create a management platform for software developers. After working in technology for years, Harbough finally struck gold raising $21 million in venture capital for the development of LaunchDarkly. You go, girl!  

Entrepreneur Stories – Brian Chesky  

Successful ideas can be viewed with skepticism in their infancy. No one understands this better than the CEO of Airbnb Brian Chesky. Airbnb is a business for people to rent out their homes/guest rooms through an online platform. Skepticism didn’t stop Airbnb from pushing forward and raising $120 million in funding. Today, the company is a screaming success, giving people cheaper lodging options and unique experiences.  

That Entrepreneurial Spirit  

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Entrepreneur Day, we hope these tech entrepreneur stories gave you some motivation to hit the pavement with the next big idea.  

The EMPIST Effect   

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