Meet Our I.T. Heroes: The Fantastic Four


Aliases: Andrew Admire, Ryan Gaines, Artur Polena, Matt Weiskopf

Superpower: Server Engineers


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Andrew: Respectful, loyal, focused.

Ryan: Fun, passionate, loud.

Artur: Outgoing, liberal, positive.

Matt: Thanks, photographic memory!

What is the most important part of your job?

Andrew: Making sure our clients succeed.

Ryan: Providing a high level of customer satisfaction in a timely manner.

Artur: Prioritizing issues. Making sure all major issues are taken care of as soon as possible and being involved in all projects.

Matt: Making sure our clients’ server infrastructure is available 24/7/365.


What are you an expert in?

Andrew: Microsoft Active Directory.

Ryan: Windows Server and Office365.

Artur: The technologies I am certified on and work with are: VMWare, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and HP Servers.

Matt: Nothing. IT is constantly changing. I would say I’m pretty good with Virtual Infrastructure and SQL Server.


What makes Digerati Group unique?

Andrew: Digerati Group really cares about its clients.

Ryan:  Realistic and aggressive IT goals with an attractive service offering.

Artur: We are the IT managed services provider that doesn’t sleep. We offer 24 hours of coverage with a warm body always in the office.

Matt: We have a large variety of customers to learn from, and we’re not scared of trying new technologies to fix problems.


What new technology trends are you keeping your eye on?

Andrew: Network Security.

Ryan: IaaS, Microsoft Cloud Offerings, BYOD.

Artur: Wireless Electricity, IoT (Internet of Things).

Matt: HyperConverged Server Infrastructure. Containerized Applications.


Which comic book superhero (or villain) would you be?

Andrew: X-Men’s Wolverine.

Ryan: Tie – Blakheart or Thanos.

Artur: Spiderman.

Matt: Bruce Wayne (Batman).


Meet the rest of the Digerati Group team!

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