Five Reasons We Love Cloud Computing Technology

What’s up with cloud computing nowadays? Plenty, and according to Forbes, cloud computing technology will be the digital infrastructure of the future. EMPIST tends to agree with that statement, considering our own use of cloud services. Cloud computing technology has existed for more than two decades, and its capabilities make it a popular tool for businesses. Many businesses, however, are still sticking with traditional (and often more tedious) technology. Here’s why that should change.

Digital transformation is much easier for businesses because cloud-based technology gives an organization collaborative access to all their necessary data and files without keeping it all on their own computers. So then, why hasn’t everyone adopted cloud technology? Maybe because they don’t have enough information. Here are five reasons that we love cloud computing, and why you should too.  

It’s More Secure Than You Realize

Does the idea that your data and files are more secure when they aren’t kept onsite seem backward to you? You’re not alone, but this fear is unfounded with cloud technology. The Cloud’s full-time job is to monitor the security of everything, which means your organization’s information is far more secure. In fact, 94% of respondents reported improved security after moving to cloud computing technology.

What makes your data so secure in the Cloud? Encryption. By using encryption, the transmission of your data is far more secure because it limits access to anyone who isn’t pre-authorized to view it. In addition, the specific user settings implemented based on the user add an extra layer of personal protection.

The Cost Won’t Break your Budget

Congratulations! You can spring for an office Keurig or allocate more money to a necessary area at your business because another big advantage of cloud computing is what it costs you (or rather, doesn’t cost you). Many cloud computing technology providers offer the service as a pay-as-you-go model, which can end up showing a good ROI for you.

If you’re still unsure whether the initial cost to switch to cloud computing is worth it, consider this: the pay-as-you-go model allows for you to only pay for the features and storage that you want. You won’t have to pay extra for features that may be included but remain unused by you. Most cloud services providers work with you to determine what your costs will be based on your needs.

It’s Flexible For You

Secure data storage and sharing are just some of the things you have to worry about at your business. The problem is, you can only spend so much time focusing on it. Cloud computing offers more flexibility over using a locally hosted server by quickly meeting the demands of your business operations. Using a cloud-based service also means more efficiency without going through an expensive IT infrastructure update.

Collaborating is Easy

The beautiful thing about cloud computing technology is how accessible it makes all of your resources to your teams. The Cloud combines security and easy communication to make collaborating on projects simple (remote or local). It will be difficult to find a method of collaboration that works as efficiently as the Cloud.

Disasters are Not a Big Deal

When disaster strikes, too much downtime can lead to an alarmingly negative impact. Lost productivity, revenue, and your brand’s reputation can all be affected. While it isn’t easy to prevent or anticipate every possible disaster, cloud computing makes the recovery process much quicker with less negative impact. 20% of cloud users reported disaster recovery in four hours or less. When disasters happen, time is everything.

Why waste another minute? Cloud computing technology is the future!

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