How iOS 10 Unsubscribe Function Affects E-Commerce Marketers

“This message is from a mailing list”  

Besides your subject line, this now the first thing that iOS 10 users will see when your business sends an email to a customer. So what does that mean for e-commerce

Frankly, if a customer wants to unsubscribe or change their preferences on your email list, they’ll find a way to do it. We have all experienced the annoyance of ending up on an email list we didn’t intend to receive. Coming from a place of empathy, as customers, we believe unsubscribing SHOULD be easy. Coming from a place of business, as marketers, we still believe unsubscribing should be easy.  

Having said that, it goes without saying that creating relevant and engaging content is now more important. What exactly does this mean? 


It’s time for content to get personal 

Micro-marketing is not a new concept but the definition is constantly evolving with the nature of e-commerce. How can you get personal with your customers? It’s simple. Put yourself in their shoes. Here are some tips: 

1. Product recommendations should never be random. They should be tailored to a customer’s preferences and buying behaviors. Would you want your inbox to be blown up with irrelevant products? 

2. Timing is everything. People are less likely to unsubscribe if your automation workflow makes sense to the customer experience. 

3. Create offers that resonate. Analytics are a great way to find out where you may be losing a customer on your e-commerce site. It it’s in the cart, it could be your shipping or return policy, for example, in which case you could offer free shipping in a follow-up email. The point is…create real offers that will incentivize your customer to go through with a conversion.  

4. Reward loyalty! This is often overlooked. Whether it’s reward points, discounts, or free gifts, rewarding return customers is a wise idea. If a customer is comparing something between your company and another, the promise of some kind of reward could very well be the deciding factor. The cost of maintaining a current customer is far less than gaining new customers. The more personalized the reward, the better.  

Essentially the more creative, personable, and human you are willing to be with your customers, the better you will be received. Pushy and generic sales tactics are out. Incentives, personalized messaging, and thoughtfully-timed communications are in. 

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