How to Setup Microsoft Exchange on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

This article describes how to configure a Microsoft Exchange account on your Apple iOS device.

Note: The images in this article show iPhone 5 running iOS 7. Though screens on other iOS devices will differ, the process is the same.

1. On the home screen of your device, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.




2. Tap Exchange and enter your email address, password and an optional description. Tap Next.



3. Make your selections and tap Save.



Note: If autodiscovery is not configured on your domain, the device displays the server settings page. Perform the following steps to complete your configuration.

4. On the server settings page, tap the Server field and enter Leave the Domain field blank. Then, click Next.


5. Select the services that you want to synchronize from the Exchange server, and then tap Save.

You have successfully added your Exchange email account on your iOS device.


Note: Depending on how much data is in the mailbox, it might take some time before your information is completely downloaded into your device.


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