EMPIST’s Free Dark Web Scan

What is a Dark Web scan?

A Dark Web scan is used to search for your compromised information on the Dark Web. This could be anything from company credit card numbers to the password for your work email. More than 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches were reported in 2022, exposing more than 22 billion compromised records. This is why you need to stay one step ahead of potential cyber threats.

Why does my business need Dark Web scanning?

The internet we all use every day is a very small portion of the bigger picture. The Deep Web and Dark Web make up the vast majority of the World Wide Web.

Though there are good uses for the Deep Web, it is also a marketplace for cybercriminals. According to a recent report, over 24.6 billion complete sets of usernames and passwords are currently in circulation in cybercriminal marketplaces as of 2022. We provide free Dark Web scans so you can be armed with the knowledge needed to rectify any damage and proactively keep your information safe.

Key Benefits & Features of a Dark Web Scan

Dark Web scanning protects your business by:


Identifying the risk of identity theft and data breaches before they happen


Providing advanced monitoring of your domain without connecting to any hardware/software


Using awarding-winning technology that deploys in minutes to pull real-time, validated data

Why Choose EMPIST’s Dark Web Scan?

The Dark Web can be a dangerous place, and we want to keep your business out of it. That’s why we provide free Dark Web scans. The value of a Dark Web scan is unmeasurable. Our Dark Web intelligence can identify, analyze, and monitor your organization’s private information. Results from our scan will allow you to evaluate the safety of your company’s data.

We’re here to help you diagnose problems before they surface and advise you on any necessary action items. With nearly 20 years of experience as a managed service provider, we have the expertise to pinpoint your cybersecurity issues and guide you to the right course of action.


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