Four Tips to Turn Abandoned Carts Into Conversions

Don’t overlook product descriptions and reviews. 

In an increasingly visual world, copy is often overlooked. But when users are making a purchase online, product descriptions and reviews have to make up for the fact that your customers have no physical contact with the product prior to purchase. Copy is not just meant to describe a product. It’s meant to compel a shopper to take action.  Great copy can be the difference between an abandoned cart or a conversion. It can encourage the shopper to take a leap and give it a try, or warn them that time is running out, so they better decide now. It’s the last grain of sand that can tip the scales of indecision. Don’t ignore the power of words. Create more conversions. 

Create Calls-To-Action with Incentives. 

Immediacy is one of the most commonly ignored essentials of a good website. Simply listing your products, page after page, creates a boring shopping experience for your customers. If you have a great deal that they need to see, feature it, boldly. Many shoppers give up on the online experience because there are too many options. It creates frustration and never-ending fear that there is something better they just haven’t found yet. Show them what they should buy, and tell them that they should buy it. Make it hard to resist.  

Enable a fixed cart at checkout. 

The modern day online shopper is mixed bag of mobile, tablet, and desktop users. They may scroll your site on a train on the way to work, add an item to the cart in the middle of the day, and wait till the evening to make a purchase from their desktop. Or sometimes they may even wait a day or two later when their paycheck is supposed to deposit. The last thing you want to do is create a scenario where they have placed items in their cart, only to find that it has disappeared by the time they get around to making the purchase. People are busy! Do them and yourself a favor, and let their carts sit idle for a while.  

Build automated email marketing campaigns for great conversion rates. 

59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue. (BtoB Magazine)  

Email campaigns have an amazing track record for turning “window shoppers” into real conversions. With certain types of software, such as Klaviyo, you can create campaigns which are triggered by actions the customer takes on your website, creating more personalized messaging that speaks to kind of shopping experience your customer needs to feel good about buying from you. A better shopping experience means happy customers, which means more conversions. If you’re not using email campaigns as part of your strategy, you’re missing out on revenue. It’s that simple.  

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