Five Ways to Keep Customer Loyalty Constant

EMPIST works hard to meet our client’s IT needs and give them the best service possible. We work hard for them so they can feel confident in their IT, which creates a symbiotic relationship between our clients and us. This relationship mirrors the same results for other businesses and their customers. Businesses invest lots of time and money to learn what is going to draw a customer in and convert them into a purchase. However, no business wants just “a” customer or only “a” purchase. There are ways to turn “a” purchase or “a” customer into many purchases and customers while ensuring the continued loyalty and return of those first customers.

The big question here is this:  How does one hold onto that loyalty and create a ripple effect among consumers? A single bad online review or a whisper of an honest mistake can spread rapidly and be bad news for your business. There are, however, ways to be ahead of the curve and avoid problems like these. Sometimes it can be difficult to look ahead and plan for your business’s future when the present of it all keeps you busy. Here are some helpful tips on how to get customers and how to keep them.

Establish Personal Connections:

If you’re seeing your customers simply as means to a profit, that may affect your customer service offerings and their subsequent loyalty. Take extra steps to ensure that your customer service is at its best for your customers by reaching out for customer feedback. Provide a platform in which they can also reach out themselves with their own questions at any time.

Also, consider social media profiles for your business if you haven’t already. For example, an Instagram to show your company’s personality can do wonders for your rep among visitors. Consciously working toward more personal connections will humanize your business in the eyes of the customers.

Offer Individuality:

If customers did not want different options, there would be one store for everything, but individuality is important to consumers. In fact, a 2013 survey showed that 25-30% of customers want customizable options. With the arrival of so many new mobile and online payment options, it is possible this rate has grown even more. Companies like Nike and Converse understand the importance of this, which is why they offer the option to custom design your own shoes. Businesses everywhere should take note of this and follow suit because a unique product or website will keep the interest alive.

Keep in Contact:

With so many options for communication available for merchants to use with their customers, why wouldn’t you take advantage? Use email campaigns, in-person appointments and interactions, social, and print media to stay in touch with your audience. Just be sure to know where the line between informative and irritating is with the volume of sent communications.

Give as Much Loyalty as You Receive:

When you receive a gift, you don’t say thank you and then let it sit unused or unacknowledged. You can’t expect a customer to give you constant loyalty if you are not giving that loyalty right back. Customers want to feel heard, which means brainstorming ways to make this a reality.

Stay Relevant:

It’s wrong to assume that you will never need to make changes to your website or the ways you conduct business, simply because you’re moving at a steady pace. Innovation is key, and customers will lose interest in returning if there are never updates or changes to what you offer them. Customer feedback will give you the greatest insight into what already works well and what they are still hoping to see from you, so be open to all input and stay relevant.

The EMPIST Effect

EMPIST prioritizes good relationships on the same level as the security of the data and networks of our clients. The same methods that have worked to keep customers engaged before may continue to work but be aware of evolving communication methods and what your customers are doing.

If you want your business to be a success, you cannot just rely on your first attempt or original plan to always be effective. Listen to your customer voices and be willing to evolve with changes in your industry. This could include what products you offer and how you present them to customers. When customers see a great product and the ability to keep with the times, you will see their loyalty. With their loyalty and continued good relationships, your business will see success.

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