EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, October 26, 2018

Top tech news of the week: From self-driving cars to an AWOL Alexa, we have all the latest news in tech this week. Find out what’s wrong with the iPhone XS and much more!  

A Burger from the Sky? Uber’s Hoping to Deliver Food by Drone in 2021, Report

USA Today / Mon Oct 22, 2018 — You may see your UberEats order flying to your door one day. That’s right. Uber plans to launch a drone food delivery program known as UberExpress. This will be operating as a part of the UberEats brand. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi commented that this isn’t the first time Uber has discussed using drones.  Read the full story >>  

Amazon Alexa Goes AWOL for Many Users

TechCrunch / Tue Oct 23, 2018 —  Alexa, get it together. Several users have reported issues with Alexa’s voice assistance feature. When asking Alexa for something, users received the simple response of “sorry, something went wrong.” Some claim it was a short-term problem and others say their device was out of order for long periods of time. Amazon has not publicly spoken out about this issue. Read the full story >> 

Apple ‘Confirms’ iPhones Have a Serious Problem

Forbes / Tue Oct 23, 2018 — The iPhone XS series launch didn’t go off without a few glitches. Apple admitted to one serious design problem and then confessed to another issue not long after. The second design error was in reference to the phone’s front-facing camera. This scandal was appropriately named ‘BeautyGate.’ Apple claims the iOS 12.1 update will resolve the issue with the iPhone XS camera, but the update is still in beta testing. Read the full story >>  

Nintendo Switch is Headed to School 

CNN / Tue Oct 23, 2018 — Playing video games in school is now becoming a reality. Nintendo is partnering with an education-based nonprofit to bring its popular Switch gaming console to classrooms across the U.S. This educational gaming program will be geared toward kids between the age of 8 – 11 years old. This program is said to launch sometime in early 2019. Read the full story >>  

Flourish Driverless Car Project Releases Latest Findings

IoT News / Wed Oct 24, 2018 — Flourish is on a mission to make autonomous vehicles user-friendly. One of the goals of their recent experiment was to create a way for older adults to use self-driving cars with confidence. The budget for this project was £5.5M. During the trial period, a successful commute wasn’t seen past 472 meters. Though all their goals weren’t met during the study, they did see some major progress. Read the full story >>    

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