EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, November 30, 2018

Top tech news of the week: The month of November is going out with a bang. Find out why Apple and LinkedIn got into some legal trouble and get the latest on Amazon, GM, and much more!  

Jane Wong Uncovers Hidden App Features That Tech Giants Like FB Want to Keep Secret

The Star | Mon Nov 26, 2018 — The 23-year-old tech wiz, Jane Wong has social media engineers shaking in their boots. The Dartmouth grad is a pro at app-reverse engineering. She has already discovered hidden app features on Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram. Recently, Wong even caught Facebook testing out their “unsend message” feature before they announced it. Read the full story >>  

Apple in Court Over 30% App Commission 

BBC | Mon Nov 26, 2018 — Order in the court! Users are accusing Apple of breaching anti-trust laws. iPhone users are unable to purchase the iPhone app from any other distributor but Apple. Even though Apple claims that they do not own or sell the apps, there is some grey area. The company does receive a 30% commission off the sales of the app and is said to collect the app payments. Now the court must decide if this ‘Apple’ has a worm. Read the full story >>  

Amazon Launches A Cloud-Based Robotics Testing Platform 

TechCrunch | Mon Nov 26, 2018 — Robots have not started taking over the world yet, but Amazon just launched an incredible program. The AWS RoboMaker is a new open-sourced software for, you guessed it, building robots! This new platform is a development tool to test robotic applications, and it’s all cloud-based. What will Amazon think of next? Read the full story >>  

GM Plans to Cut More Than 14,000 Jobs, Close Factories as Downturn Looms 

TechCrunch | Mon Nov 26, 2018 — GM’s voluntary buyouts were just the beginning of what was to come. The automotive company is tightening its belt and cutting factory jobs left and right. This decision will cause over 14,000 people to be out of a job. GM is hoping that these preemptive actions will cause the company to increase their cash flow by 6M. Read the full story >>  

LinkedIn Used 18M Non-member Emails to Target Facebook Ads. Were You a Victim? 

TechRepublic | Mon Nov 26, 2018 — Did LinkedIn go too far to gain more members? Most would argue that they did. The professional networking company obtained the email addresses of 18M non-members and targeting them via Facebook ads. This act was said to be a violation of data privacy protection. The investigation of this case was opened in Ireland by a non-LinkedIn user. After further investigation, LinkedIn was asked to refrain from this marketing process by the GDPR. Read the full story >>  

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