EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, November 2, 2018

Top tech news of the week: Is Twitter making a change to their platform? See what’s happening at IBM and discover the latest update with the Google privacy lawsuit and more!   

Naspers Announces $300 Million Initiative to Support Startups and Tech in South Africa

TechCrunch / Mon Oct 29, 2018 — The company Napsters just announced a $100 million Napster Foundry to help fund South African tech startups. The goal of this investment is to nurture the talent and drive of South African entrepreneurs. Naspers saw great potential in the South African marketplace and wanted to make it a reality. The Naspers Foundry is said to launch in 2019. Read the full story >>  

Google It: Supreme Court Tackles Class Action Settlement That Left Nothing for Millions of Online Customers 

USA Today / Mon Oct 29, 2018 — The Google class action lawsuit was first filed back in 2010. Google failed to state their platform was not part of the new search privacy law. Therefore, Google’s search function practices remained unchanged, leaving their users uninformed. There are 129 million people that could potentially benefit from this case against Google. The issue many complained of was Google’s highly-paid attorneys and the little-to-no payoff to the filing Google users. The final decision will remain unknown until the case goes back to court this week. Read the full story >>  

IBM Buys Red Hat: 5 Things IT Leaders Need to Know 

TechRepublic / Mon Oct 29, 2018 — Did you hear the big news? IBM bought Red Hat this Sunday for $34 billion! If you’re unfamiliar, Red Hat is a company known for its open-source platforms and user-friendly tools. Red Hat was able to prove the impossible in the world of open-source networks. The IT world is buzzing on what this will mean for IBM, but one thing is for sure. The future is all about the Cloud.                                Read the full story >> 

Twitter’s CEO Hinted at Someday Getting Rid of Its ‘Like’ Button and People Are Freaking Out About It 

Business Insider / Mon Oct 29, 2018 — Has the social media world gone crazy? Almost. Twitter’s founder and CEO Jack Dorsey recently mentioned removing Twitter’s ‘like’ button feature. Twitter users everywhere were quick to the punch with hilarious remarks on this news. Others took the news with great positivity, thinking it would be a healthier way for people to interact on social media. When Twitter was questioned about these rumors, they denied having any news changes to the platform at this time. Read the full story >> 

 Dyson’s Race to Reinvent Itself 

The Star / Mon Oct 22, 2018 — At age 71, Sir James Dyson is still staying on top of the tech game. Though Dyson is famously known for their vacuums and hair dryers, they’re ready to take their technical skills to the next level. To keep the spirit of Dyson alive, they are always looking to hire recent grads that share the curiosity Dyson was founded on. What’s up next for Dyson? Their next big project is in the advancement of autonomous driving vehicles. Read the full story >>  


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