EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, November 16, 2018

Top tech news of the week: Discover why Facebook was down and get the latest scoop on Netflix, Elon Musk and much more! 

Facebook Explains Why the Social Network Was Down 

 CNET | Mon Nov 12, 2018 — What do people do when Facebook is down? They tweet about it on Twitter. Facebook was down on Monday for approximately 40 minutes. At first, there was no information released on why the social media platform was down. Rumors surfaced about the potential reasons for Facebook’s issues until the company came forward. Facebook then released a statement that it was a simulated test but still hasn’t confirmed the underline reason for it. Read the full story >>  

 Tesla’s Board Chair Change: Its Broader Relevance 

 Forbes | Tues Nov 13, 2018 — As many have already heard, Elon Musk was revoked of his title as chairman at Tesla. His replacement, named on November 7th, is a Ms. Robyn Denholm. Musk is not allowed back on as chairman of the board for a minimum of three years. This arrangement was put in place to resolve the security fraud charges and allegations of Musk’s Twitter postings. But how will this move rub Tesla’s investors? Read the full story >>  

Former Beats Music CEO Is Back With an Electric Scooter Startup 

TechCrunch| Mon Nov 12, 2018 — Former Beats CEO David Hyman is taking a new direction with his electric scooter startup. Unlike companies such as Bird and Lime Bike, Hyman wanted to give customers the luxury of owning an electric scooter, instead of renting one. Hence, his company Unagi was born! Soon you won’t have to search an app to cruise around town. Unagi’s compact and quality design will give customers the mobile freedom they desire. This buzzing startup hopes to launch their scooters in January. Read the full story >>  

Amazon’s Alexa Fund Invests in On-Demand Parking Service, ParkWhiz 

 TechCrunch | Tues Nov 13, 2018 — Amazon has decided to partner with ParkWhiz. This exciting startup operates similarly to Open Table but for the reservation of available parking spaces. Other investors have jumped on board, seeing the company’s untapped potential. In total, $25 million has been raised by investors for the ParkWhiz project. Read the full story >>  

 Netflix Introduces RM17 Mobile-Only Plan 

 The Star | Wed Nov 14, 2018 — Netflix is finally introducing its first mobile plan! The plan will be for one mobile device only, i.e., a smartphone or tablet. This affordable RM17 plan will allow users to subscribe to unlimited access of available movies and TV shows. The only downside this plan presents is the viewing is limited to standard definition (SD). Read the full story >>  

 Can Elon Musk’s Space-Based ‘Starlink’ Internet Project Really Provide Cheap Broadband for Everyone? 

 LinkedIn | Tues Nov 13, 2018 — It should be no surprise to anyone that Elon Musk is ready to take on another tech project. The tech guru now has plans to take over the global broadband market. His impressive project ‘Starlink’ is prefaced on the idea of connecting a constellation of satellites to orbit the earth, providing everyone on the planet with efficient broadband. Musk’s plan is to launch an additional 4,425 satellites into space for project Starlink. If this project goes into effect, approximately 3 billion people will gain internet access for the first time. Read the full story >>  

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