EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, July 6, 2018

EMPIST Tech News Roundup is sharing the latest headlines and recent news stories from around the web to keep you informed on tech news surrounding IT, business, marketing, and everything in between. Multiple federal organizations are now probing Facebook about its mounting privacy troubles, and the NSA is in the process of mass unauthorized file deletion to remain compliant. Get your news updates now!

Now the SEC Wants to Probe Facebook Too, Report Says

USA Today | Tue July 3, 2018 — Inquiries into Facebook’s sharing of user data have now gone federal. The Securities and Exchange Committee, Justice Department and FBI have joined the FTC in a federal probe of Facebook’s privacy practices. The focus of the probe centers on 2015 when Facebook failed to disclose the incident of improper Facebook data access by Cambridge Analytica. The probe will investigate why Facebook didn’t disclose the incident to investors and users until March 2018. Facebook is cooperating with all authorities. Read the full story>>

A Facebook Bug Briefly Unblocked People, Inviting Unwelcome Messages and Exposing Hidden Posts

CNBC | Mon July 2, 2018 — More Facebook news is hitting this week. Facebook has taken yet another privacy misstep in 2018. An unwelcome surprise affected nearly 800,000 Facebook users when a bug causes previously blocked people to become unblocked. The result of this invited numerous unwanted messages and re-exposing posts that were hidden. The bug was fixed relatively quickly, and affected users received a notification telling them to check their blocked lists. Despite the quick action to fix the problem, it is just another mistake in a series for the social media company, who is still under fire for privacy breaches and misused data. Read the full story>>

Here’s Why the NSA Just Deleted All the Calls and Texts It Collected Since 2015

TechRepublic | Mon July 2, 2018 — Remember all of those calls and texts you made, and then maybe deleted or cleared from your call logs? They still exist, but soon they won’t. After unauthorized files found their way to the NSA, they did a massive overhaul of their data files. The data files in question are files that they are no longer authorized to have, so the NSA has announced the news of their intention to delete all unauthorized files of call and text records in order to remain compliant. The record deletion began on May 23 and is ongoing, and the proper authorities have been notified about the issue and the process. Read the full story>>

Google Reportedly Allows Outside App Developers to Read People’s Gmails

Business Insider | Mon July 2, 2018 —  It was reported Monday that software developer employees have been able to read the Gmail messages of multiple users. A year ago, Gmail pledged to stop any scanning of Gmail inboxes. However, there has been no such pledge to stop outside developers from obtaining inbox access. Gmail users who receive messages with lines like “email-based services,” “shopping price comparisons,” and “automated travel itinerary planners” are at the most risk for having messages read. Although Google has a vetting process for ensuring that outside vendors comply to privacy agreements, it is uncertain how closely those relationships and agreements are being monitored. Read the full story>>

Lyft Follows Uber Into Bike-Sharing Lane, Buying Owner of CitiBike

New York Times | Mon July 2, 2018 — Big bike news! Lyft is kicking its competition with rival ride-sharing company Uber into a new gear. Lyft is now pedaling on the same path as Uber by acquiring Motivate. Motivate is the parent company of CitiBike and several other similar programs in the United States. The business, which will be renamed Lyft Bikes, will continue to control the existing Motivate contracts with Chicago, New York, and six other major cities. Uber entered the bike-sharing industry in April when it bought Jump, which runs networks of electric bikes, reportedly for close to $200 million. Although the exact finances have not been disclosed, previous media reports estimated that Lyft would pay upwards of $250 million to acquire the business.  Read the full story>>

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