EMPIST Tech News Roundup: Friday, December 14, 2018

Top tech news of the week: It’s been a big week for Microsoft and Google. Check out the latest on this and see what drone is turning heads in the tech community. There’s more exciting tech news to discover; keep reading!  

Move Over Notch, the Hole-Punch Smartphone Camera Is Coming 

TechCrunch | Tues Dec 11, 2018 — The original “notch” was pioneered by Apple but has since been engineered by other companies. At the start of the week, Samsung and Huawei came out with smartphones with this feature. This design feature places the front-facing camera at the top left corner of the phone screen. The feature is also referred to as a “hole-punch.” Read the full story >> 

RMIT Creates Bird-Like Drone with Flappable Wings 

TechRepublic | Mon Dec 10, 2018 — This new drone design by RMIT is ready to take flight. The RMIT drone has a bird-like shape with flapping wings. The aerodynamic structure of the drone is what helps it retain energy while in action. Experts say that this drone is a big step towards things to come in tech. Read the full story >>  

Microsoft Challenges Governments to Legislate Facial Recognition Technology 

Forbes | Tues Dec 11, 2018 — Microsoft is pushing governments from around the world to allow facial recognition technology, but why? The argument with this in the past is that it violates personal privacy and could be used for racial profiling. Microsoft has assured users that the technology would be accurate and not misused. Read the full story >>  

Dell Votes to Buy Back VMware Tracking Stock and Go Public Again 

TechCrunch | Tues Dec 11, 2018 — Dell is officially taking back VMware tracking stock from EMC acquisition. The buy-back price is $120 per share totaling $23.9B. Stockholders are unsure on how this will affect Wall Street, given the company’s (EMC) $50B debt from two years prior. To cut to the chase, EMC can now be sold on the New York Stock Exchange under Dell’s name. The company will still have separate stock listings in addition to the ones under Dell.  Do you think this was a good business move for Dell? Read the full story >>  

Google Lens Can Now Be Accessed Directly from the Search App on iOS 

The Verge | Tues Dec 11, 2018 — If you aren’t familiar with the Google Lens, it’s a visual tool created by the famous tech giant. Now you can access the incredible features of the Google Lens using the Google app on an iOS. All you have to do is, hit the Lens icon located left of the microphone in the search bar in the app. Then, your camera will open, and you’re in business! Read the full story >>  

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