Digerati Group Acquires Lumia Agency


I am excited to announce that Digerati Group has agreed to acquire Lumia Agency, a Chicago-based agency that specializes in Web and application development along with a comprehensive managed marketing solution.


Our mission has always been to provide you with the highest quality service and the best results. Since the start of Digerati, we have had countless inquiries for different levels of web development, application development and marketing services. As a result, we knew there was a void that we needed to fill for our valued clients.  We set off on a mission to find the right opportunity and best team that aligns their level of support, service, and results with ours.  Lumia is the perfect fit!


Lumia’s Web Development team has allowed small and medium-sized businesses to have an enterprise-level web and application development and support. Lumia’s capabilities range from developing dynamic websites that generate leads and sales, to developing automation applications that maximize the success of human and monetary capital. The goal of every project is to make your web development, application development, and marketing into a long-term investment for your organization.


Lumia’s mission has been to take a data-driven, comprehensive marketing approach that works hand-in-hand with each of their clients to maximize the potential and results of sales and marketing. With partnerships with global leaders like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Shopify and many others, Lumia was able to achieve impeccable results.


I am proud to say we were a client of Lumia, whose entire team is joining the Digerati family after convincing us that they are the missing piece many of you have asked about.


I am truly excited to work with all of you in the near future and advancing our partnership. I look forward to introducing you to our Web Development and Marketing division, and having you join us in this exciting journey.



John Kampas



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