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If EMPIST isn't here, we aren't running our business.

Donna W.

Office Manager

Chicago, IL

The services implemented from the start have been extremely different from what l've seen before, and l've been very impressed.

Dan C.

Director of Operations

Chicago, IL

I can't say enough about EMPIST. They are knowledgeable, thorough, detailed, easy to work with and customer friendly. They truly are an asset!


Office Manager

Chicago, IL

We can’t do it alone. Our partners support us and allow us to provide top-tier service to our clients.

With EMPIST, you get the best Managed IT Services

EMPIST Managed IT services provide your business with managed assistance and support to help you manage your technology needs. This includes everything from cloud computing, security, data protection, networking, hardware management, and more.
Our services can be tailored to the specific requirements of your business and industry, providing expertise and resources that may not be available internally.
EMPIST Cybersecurity services are specialized solutions designed to help your organization protect critical assets from cyber attacks. These services can range from traditional firewalls and antivirus protection to advanced threat detection and response tools.
Our Cybersecurity services also provide guidance on best practices for organizational security, as well as the implementation of security through educational resources such as training and awareness programs. Cybersecurity services are an essential part of any digital strategy and EMPIST can help you keep your data safe as well as protect you from losses due to cyber threats.
EMPIST will create tailored IT assistance whenever and wherever you need it. Even the most experienced internal IT staff member may not know everything. EMPIST’s team of experienced technology consultants is available to provide your team with design and implementation solutions, review suggested improvements as a 2nd pair of eyes as well as step in when extra hands are needed for larger projects, or whenever a unique technical specialty is required.

Take Control of Your Digital Security with EMPIST IT Services!


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