Lori’s Shoes

The Challenge

Lori’s Shoes is a Chicago boutique that has been in business for nearly 40 years. They have several brick and mortar locations as well as an eCommerce store. Lori’s Shoes came to EMPIST in 2017 with a diminishing SEO performance and a minimal paid marketing strategy. This put them in a position of slowing growth and underperforming eCommerce sales.

They also asked us to revamp their whole website by modernizing it in line with the new marketing strategy. Lastly, Lori’s wanted the product pages and collection pages to work harder, so that the navigation was seamless from page to page and throughout their site.

The Solution

We built out a strategy that embraced eCommerce-friendly paid marketing channels like Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. By pushing their extensive inventory on these channels, Lori’s was able to reach an entirely new audience of potential customers all over the country. EMPIST also overhauled Lori’s Shoes’ email marketing strategy by improving design and introducing automation.

With a core focus on their target audience, we created a few scenarios for the user journey by identifying and targeting problem areas in navigation. Our objective was to make it as easy as possible to feature a product of interest.

The Results

192% increase in revenue from organic search (SEO)

267% increase in eCommerce revenue

91% increase in eCommerce conversion rate

243% increase in eCommerce transactions


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