American Sale

The Challenge

With nine brick and mortar locations around Chicagoland as well as an ecommerce store, American Sale has been providing their customers with recreation and holiday items for nearly 60 years.

American Sale came to EMPIST in pursuit of a refined, optimized lead acquisition strategy for their big-ticket items (pools, hot tubs, etc.) as well as an improved eCommerce presence.

They wanted to update mobile optimization on flag-posted informative sections dotted throughout the site, to help users make better buying decisions. They were not only positioning themselves as retailers, but as experts in their field amongst their competitors.

The Solution  

We leveraged Facebook audience data and improved conversion tracking to optimize lead acquisition campaigns. By targeting more relevant audiences and tracking conversions more accurately, EMPIST was able to improve both the quality and quantity of leads for American Sale. Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads were also implemented to drive more eCommerce sales.

After running a few workshops with them, we were able to zero in on recent changes in their business plan and see where they wanted to go in the long-term. We did a peer review analysis looking at key competitors and thorough testing of the user experience across mobile devices and desktop. With a mobile-first approach, we redesigned and redeveloped their site across two phases.

The Results

77% increase in eCommerce revenue
97% increase in eCommerce transactions
106% increase in generated leads
191% increase in revenue from leads generated


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