Black Friday 2020 Predictions: What Will It Look Like?

How Will ECommerce Shift in 2020? 

Black Friday 2020 predictions are going to look different than other years. The biggest question being, will shoppers even be able to do the traditional Black Friday in-person purchasing? Will online orders during the holidays suffer even more due to the influx and COVID-19? Let’s find out what some major businesses are doing this year to get through the busiest shopping season.  


Let’s start things off with the big Black Friday leader, Walmart. Famously known for its big shopping crowds on the consumer holiday, Walmart changed things up with a Big Save sale online in October to pregame the Black Friday shopping season. Walmart also launched two other Black Friday shopping days beyond the actual day itself. Deals will be running on November 4th and the 11th. Walmart’s Black Friday 2020 predictions will offer more online sales, curbside pickup, and a focus on home/entertainment items. 


Amazon already started the shopping season with its ever-popular Prime Day on October 13th & 14th. Amazon is said to still be honoring the true Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping dates but there has been talk about them starting the sale earlier. This would help spread out the rush of orders and deliveries for the holiday season during the pandemic. 


Target jumped on the train of starting holiday shopping deals in October this year. Similar to the other two businesses, Target hosted a Deals Day on October 13th through the 14th. The low prices are said to potentially be staying around for Black Friday. The actual Black Friday retail day may look different and be converted to curbside pickup and or other delivery options. Even though Target plans to be open in some way on Black Friday, they will be closed on Thanksgiving. 

Best Buy  

Our final Black Friday 2020 predictions end with Best Buy. Best Buy has already run two Black Friday themed shopping events. It seems they started their sales early to compete with electronic purchases during Amazon’s Prime Day. Items have been matched with a “Black Friday Price Guaranteed” label that promises customers if the prices drop lower before November 28th, they will receive the price difference. 

Hello, Black Friday 2020 Predictions  

Whatever happens this year for Black Friday, we know that things will be altered to keep shoppers safe while ensuring it’s a profitable run for the e-commerce space. 2020 hasn’t been easy on the economy, retail workers, delivery drivers, and many more parties involved. All we can do is use innovation to reach this year’s Black Friday shoppers and support our businesses. 


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