7 Ways to Increase Network Security

Improving your company’s network security can be overwhelming with so many different routes to start. Check out our list below that explains what network security is for beginners and are good reminders for experts:

  1. Familiarize with Device Lists – This may sound rudimentary, yet knowing what devices are connected to your router on a regular basis allows you to be alert when unfamiliar ones are present.

  2. Hide Your SSID – Making your SSID unique is a great start. Leaving your SSID’s default name is essentially asking hackers to try to break into your network.

  3. Disable Wireless Administering – Removing the option for people to join wifi outside of a LAN or direct connection may not be possible for all companies, but it’s one of the easiest ways to block out hackers.

    But, unlike a home network, where guests will continually be asking for access to your wifi password, there’s no need to broadcast your network. While there are still ways for hackers to detect routers in their vicinity, hiding your SSID will diminish the chances of it occurring.

  4. Enable MAC Address Filtering – A MAC Address is a code individual to each wireless networking card. Its filtering will register the hardware MAC Address of your networked devices, and only allow devices known with MAC Addresses to connect to your network.
  5. Disable Guest Network – While adding a guest option to your wifi capability may sound helpful in theory, it’s only allowing others nonsecure access to your routers.
  6. Enable Encryption – Using a WPA2 has been standard protocol since 2006. This 128-bit encryption tool is a simple way to add more defense to your network security.
  7. Check for New Upgrades – Routers and Wifi devices are constantly upgrading their services. You paid for your network security devices, so why wouldn’t you want to get the most out of them?

There are still additional steps to improve network security after these ones, but you’ve done a great job getting on the right track!

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