5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Gold for Business Growth

Organic social is great, but paid social is gold. Facebook ads have the ability to double or triple your business growth and turn traffic into conversions. Facebook attracts over 1.65 billion users every day, which means that most (if not all) of your customers are among them.

If you want to grow like crazy, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of a paid social strategy on as popular a platform as Facebook. The Facebook ads platform is the most powerful and advanced method of social advertising available. The targeting potential is basically unmatched, but that’s not the only reason why you should strongly consider it as a marketing strategy for your business.

Facebook Ads are Digital Gold: Here’s Why

#1 – Targeting

Targeting is your new best friend. As previously mentioned Facebook’s targeting tool is like no other and provides so much useful data for marketers. Facebook targeting allows you to reach your exact audience based on age, behavior, geographic location, interests, language, devices and more. Specified targeting prevents wasted time spent on ads that do not reach the people you want to see your content. In an audience pool of nearly 2 billion people, targeting helps to seek the people who will genuinely care about your brand.

#2 – Time

People today spend an inordinate amount of time on social media. As mobile devices are upgraded, they can even tell a user how much time they are spending on different apps like Facebook (and its a lot). That level of attention to social media apps is a lot of prime advertising time you can take advantage of.

#3 – Traffic

Facebook ads can be clicked through straight to your website. This increases traffic as well as brand awareness. Plus, targeting the right people will also boost traffic significantly over the potential of organic traffic.

#4 – Reach and Remarketing

If there are people who have previously come to your website or opened your emails but haven’t purchased, consider Facebook ads. They provide remarketing opportunities, such as displaying an add for a popularly searched item or addressing a pain point that you could solve for them. You can also amplify the reach of your content, such as blogs or case studies, with Facebook ads.

#5 – Cost

Facebook ads give you more for less. It is one of the cheapest advertising methods available, allowing you to reach many people for much less money. Considering the volume of people that use Facebook daily, a few well-thought ads could do the work of multiple traditional marketing methods and give your budget room to breath. Depending on your budget flexibility and goals for growth, you could spend $5-10 and reach thousands of people.

Of course, paid social advertising is not limited to only Facebook. There are options to do paid ads on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram as well. Depending on your business’ marketing needs, you may choose to explore more than one option for paid social ads. One thing is for sure — you won’t want to sleep on Facebook. It is a too-widely used social channel to ignore.

Pointers and Best Practices

Be Creative and Compelling

Just like with an email, make sure that your Facebook ads are aesthetically pleasing, creative, and compelling. Unlike an email, it is a smaller landscape to work with so don’t overthink it. Keep your designs simple and your copy clear and direct. Consider using single or multiple images, videos, bright or inviting colors, and easily legible fonts.

A/B Test Everything

No one is an expert their first try. Something that appeals to you personally may not work well with your targeted audience. But, you won’t know until you try, and try everything. Testing different designs, messages and other features of ads will give you valuable insights to let you know what works best.

Monitor, Monitor, Monitor

Facebook ads are not a one-time job. They need to be continuously monitored to make any necessary changes as soon as possible. Audience needs and interests will change, and the ads you target them with have to reflect those shifts. Ads will also need to keep up with any relevant times of the year, events, or company updates. You don’t want to leave an ad running into October that contains a summer themed message!

The EMPIST Effect

The beauty of working with a one-stop solutions provider like EMPIST is the convenience of getting your IT and Digital Marketing needs covered all at once. Our digital agency provides support and services in email marketing, website development, organic social media and, yes, paid social media and Facebook ads. Our main goal is to provide scalable solutions to businesses to encourage growth and overall business success. Facebook Ads are a great method of many to work towards that goal.

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