5 Crucial Marketing Solutions for Your Cyber Monday Sale

Ah, Cyber Monday! This beloved shopping day gives customers the holiday deals they crave from the comfort of their own home. What could be better? As a business, there are things you need to know before launching your first Cyber Monday campaign. We are here to set the record straight!   

5 Crucial Marketing Solutions for Cyber Monday 

Hassle-Free Offers 

There is wisdom in the expression, “Keep it simple, stupid.” The reason being, customers are looking for a good deal, but they also want something that’s convenient. If you make your customers jump through too many hoops on Cyber Monday, they are likely to abandon ship. You need to keep your promotions short and sweet. Cut the fine print and be transparent with your customers. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday window tends to be when businesses gain the highest number of new customers. That’s why it’s important to make a good impression.  

Free Shipping  

New businesses may not have the budget to run huge promotions on Cyber Monday. If this is your situation, offering free shipping is a great solution. Even if your business is doing well, offering free shipping on your site, in addition to your other Cyber Monday deals is a no-brainer.   

Cyber Monday Ads 

You can’t have a successful Cyber Monday sale if no one knows it’s happening. Ads are a necessary ingredient to the perfect Cyber Monday campaign. Typically, e-commerce businesses find success in promoting their sales on Facebook, Instagram, and through email. Do not take the word ‘promoting’ lightly. Organic content on social media can only go so far. Creating social ads and boosting posts is a sure-fire way to increase your traffic. 

Bundled Deals  

Let’s talk deals. We all love a good sale, but what is it about them that hooks the consumer? One tried-and-true approach is the bundled deal. Whether you’re purchasing beauty products or a big screen tv, no one can resist a good bundled package. You can get away with charging near asking price for your big-ticket items, by throwing in some of the cheaper/less popular items with it. This sales method creates a sense of urgency for the customer.  

Prepare for the Storm  

You’ve done a great job directing traffic to your site for Cyber Monday but wait there’s more! Excessive activity on your website can cause it to crash. The last day you want your website down is on Cyber Monday. It appears unprofessional to your customers and could impact your Cyber Monday revenue. That is why you should always test the functionality of your site and have plans in place if things get hectic.  

Hit the Campaign Trail!  

We hope this blog gave you some great pointers on how to launch your next Cyber Monday campaign. Until then, happy shopping!  

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